Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol Review

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Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol review

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol


Author: Todd Carson

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

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As you embark on your journey to combat tinnitus, it’s vital to remember not to blame yourself for your current condition.

It’s easy to feel alone when fighting tinnitus. No one really understands your pain. It’s easy for your mind to weaken when you can hear the sound over everything else. If you’re not careful, your tinnitus can cause you to isolate yourself and fall into a depression.

Maybe the music was too loud at a festival. Or maybe you had a bad wisdom tooth extraction. Maybe you neglected your health too long, and maybe you stood too close to a speaker at an event. Whatever happened, it’s out of your control. Whatever happened, it’s not your fault.

Even the indomitable Captain Kirk once fell victim to Tinnitus.

Combatting tinnitus is a matter of focusing on the factors within your control. If you’re reading this review, it’s safe to assume you’re not ready to just lie down and let Tinnitus take over your life.

Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol reviews

Who is Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol For?

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is created by Todd Carson and is for anyone who suffers from hearing loss and constant ringing. The Protocol is designed to help people who have simply chosen to accept the ringing as a part of life. Whether you’re new to Tinnitus or have had it for a while, this protocol has the information to help you.

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol is also for people looking for a natural solution to combat Tinnitus. If you’ve had the condition for a while, then you’re probably familiar with a wide variety of antibiotics. You also probably know how harsh antibiotics are on your body. Most of the time, getting rid of an infection is only half of the problem.

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol uses a combination of exercise, healthy eating, and binaural waves to restore your health. When used in combination, these three techniques reduce inflammation and improve blood flow. The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol makes it easy for you to verify the information by including sources on every page.

What’s Included In The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol?

The main Tinnitus Protocol is a 132-page PDF guide. This guide covers everything from what Tinnitus is, causes and symptoms, diagnosis and options you have for treatment. This in-depth PDF also looks at the real causes of Tinnitus and the remedies for keeping your symptoms under control.

At the end of each page, you’ll quickly find resources to verify the claims made in the protocol. The Protocol does an excellent job of showing you the medical research to back up the recommendations. By the time you finish reading the main guide, you’ll have a better understanding of Tinnitus and what to do about the condition.

The Tonaki Protocol also introduces you to Binaural beats via a 12-page PDF guide. In this guide, you’ll learn about binaural beats therapy and its soothing effects on Tinnitus. You’ll learn about the different frequencies and how to safely perform the treatment. The protocol also gives you access to a variety of binaural beats ranging from 4hz to 6.5hz. All in all, you get access to the instructional guide, the pure audio files (no additives) and the rest of the program for just $37.

Bonus Materials

You’ll find a lot of value in the 12-page trigger foods guide. Simply avoiding certain foods will help almost instantly improve your condition. Furthermore, the main PDF guide does an excellent job of showing you which foods repair the myelin sheath. The myelin sheath is essential to protecting your auditory nerve. In this bonus guide, you’ll learn which foods destroy your natural hearing protection. Also, this guide is essential for accelerating your recovery.

Finally, the Tonaki Protocol gives you access to a 22-page yoga guide. Yoga is an excellent way to improve blood flow and reduce information. The Protocol uses data from various medical studies to show how yoga can help relieve the symptoms of tinnitus. In addition, you gain access to 10 HD videos showing you how to perform the most important poses correctly. Given these points, you can see this is a well-rounded protocol devoid of fluff.

At only $37, you’re getting way too much information not to take a chance on this Protocol. In fact, worst-case scenario, you get refunded (60-day guarantee). However, the most likely scenario is you regain control of your health.


  • The Protocol doesn’t shy away from being detailed
  • Easy to read, no big words
  • All the references are easy to find
  • The protocol makes learning simple


  • Lots of information to read
  • The techniques only worked when used in combination on a regular basis
  • You have to change what you fuel your body with
  • You need to avoid the foods in the Trigger Foods guide

Why Does This Program Stand Out?

Tinnitus can be a difficult problem to manage. Once you’ve dealt with it personally, it’s hard to find people who understand. As a result of the mysterious nature of Tinnitus, it’s even hard for people to explain their pain and suffering. Also the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol brings a perspective of understanding. Furthermore, the fresh perspective makes the information easy to absorb. In effect, this is a program you’ll enjoy reading over and over thanks to the massive amounts of value.

If you go to a regular doctor, chances are they’re just going to pump you up full of antibiotics. However if you don’t get rid of the inflammation in your body and strengthen the protective fat in your ears, your Tinnitus will eventually return. Ultimately, the  Protocol does an excellent job of introducing you to long-term solutions.

Very Important!

The Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol has become extremely popular lately.  People have taken advantage of the new popularity and are trying to sell fake versions of the Protocol. Protect your investment by only making purchases from the official store. Get your official copy of the Tonaki Tinnitus Protocol by clicking on the box below.

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