Richard’s Lottery Secrets Review

Hello and welcome to our Richard’s Lottery Secrets investigation. This is a long-form version of the Richard’s Lottery Secrets review.

Unlike other reviews on Richard’s Lottery Secrets course – I’ll break down what you can expect and give you direct insights into the type of techniques this program uses.

richard's lottery secrets review

Richard's Lottery Secrets Review
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By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this richard’s lottery secrets course. You’ll also have enough information to know if it’s worth your time.

The way I play the lottery, and everybody else I know is when I feel lucky – but that’s all changed.

I’m sure you professional lottery players have your system, but I highly doubt it’s anywhere what I experienced while investigating The Richard’s Lottery Secrets formula.

This Richards Lottery Secrets review is designed to give you a full sense of what you can expect from this system.

I’ll touch on some techniques you can expect to use and exactly how much risk there is to purchasing this program.

Please use this review to help you make your decision.

Never heard of Richard’s Lotto Secrets? Watch this presentation to get familiar.

Let’s get started.

Who Is Richard Lustig?

richard lustig lottery secrets

One of the very first steps in my investigation was to find out exactly who Richard Lustig is.

Usually, when I conduct these searches, I spend hours and hours researching some shady figure that I can’t seem to find any information on.

I usually end up concluding the person doesn’t want to be found for a reason.

With Richard Lustig, the complete opposite happened.

Even though Richard promotes such a lucrative product, he’s very transparent to the general public.

During my research, I watched recordings of him on shows such as Good Morning America and Racheal Ray.

In addition to finding Richard in popular media, I also got a chance to review some of his work.

When you read Richard’s work it’s apparent he cares about quality. He cuts through all the confusion by taking a logical, dispassionate approach.

This makes his content easy to understand and easy to implement.

Not only are Richard’s products easy to understand, but he’s also transparent about his experiences.

He started playing the Florida Lottery back in 1988 and hasn’t stopped since. He’s a seven-time grand prize winner, and it’s not an accident he keeps winning.

Here is just a partial list of where Richard Lustig has appeared:

richards lottery secrets reviews

Why Can I Trust What Richard Lustig Has To Say?

Aside from Richard’s transparency and being able to verify him in popular media, you can trust what he has to say because he takes a math-focused approach.

What sets Richard apart from other lottery gurus is he actually teaches you how to play the lottery as a game of chance.

He gives you formulas for picking numbers, shows you which games are the best to play and which games to avoid – all based on math.

Although Richard has made his information easy for anyone to understand, it didn’t start out that way.

Richard worked with high-level mathematicians to develop algorithms and formulas that help him win prizes on a consistent basis.

The result of the years of developing these formulas resulted in Richard Lustig’s programs that he offers to the public.

For example, the Auto Lotto Processor uses algorithms and statistical analysis to help you predict winning numbers.

He turned decades of research into a simple tool that anyone can use to win thousands on a regular basis.

Another key point to remember about the Auto Lotto Processor is that it’s updated hourly.

Because the Auto Lotto Processor analyzes thousands of winning numbers, your odds skyrocket when you use it to help you win prizes.

What’s Included In The Richard’s Lottery Secrets Formula?

The Lottery Secrets is a combination of ALL of Richard Lustig’s books. Every single one of them.

All the information he’s ever used to become a seven-time grand prizewinner is yours in the “Richard’s Lotto Secrets” course.

richard's lottery secrets

Richard’s Lottery Secrets Bundle

It seems a little odd to me, but I think Richard is just trying to offer the best deal possible.

He stands to make so much more by selling each product individually, but I guess he’s tired of the mindset and group-think surrounding the lottery in our society.

During my investigation, I spent some time looking into the lotto community and some of the things Richard specifically stated that he hated.

I looked at the mindset and techniques people were playing with and realized that they were decades behind.

More than 80% of people who play the lottery rely on blind luck – something Richard is trying to fix.

One of the many valuable things you’ll learn in Richard’s Lottery Secrets is the right mindset for playing the lottery.

Just like with any of game of chance, your mind needs to be set on victory in order for you to win.

Focusing on the right things, looking at the right details and taking time to prepare will skyrocket your odds of winning the lottery.

Why Is This Information Valuable?

There are two main reasons the information in Lottery Secrets is valuable:

You Won’t Have To Pick Numbers Yourself

Having a set system for picking numbers is invaluable. The minute you stop picking your numbers based on chance is the minute you have a real chance of winning the lottery.

Why do we think birthday’s and lucky numbers make for good picks?

Does anyone you know even take time to research the most recent winning numbers?

I’ll give you one of the simple keys Richard uses: winning numbers don’t repeat.

If you do your research your odds skyrocket compared to the average person.

You’ll Increase Your Odds Of Winning

Simple things like knowing the previous winners increase your chances of winning.

When you combine all the tips discussed in Lottery Secrets, you’ll be at least 20x more likely than the average person to win a lottery prize.

When you start understanding how to use the processor, the multiple can quickly jump to 40x.

Every single section of Lottery Secrets uses probability and mathematical formulas to help you win different lottery games.

Knowing which games to avoid and how to play the odds transforms the lottery from pure luck to a matter of time until you win.

Does The Approach Described In Lottery Secrets Work?

Let me give you one inside peek at the method Richard uses to win lottery games.

Do you ever take the time to look up how many prizes are left before you play a certain lotto game?

If you don’t, there’s a good chance you’ve wasted your money on tickets where there weren’t even any prizes left.

This simple yet powerful step of checking the prizes available is something 99% of people who play the lottery don’t do.

During my investigation, I went around and asked people who I know play the lottery regularly if they had heard of any of Richard’s techniques. When I described a couple of them, people thought I was crazy or just making stuff up.

Lottery Secrets is cutting edge. People still think the lottery is a scam, which is why they willingly play with their eyes closed. This is something slightly disturbing that my investigation revealed.

The information in Lottery Secrets works because it gives you a step-by-step approach to playing the lottery. If a game doesn’t meet certain conditions, you won’t even waste your money on it.

Best of all, you can use math to verify what you’re doing. There’s no guessing here.

Although this is a controversial topic, my investigation led me to believe Richard is the real deal. He has the testimonials and personal success to back him up. His tips are logical and just make sense.

Now that I know what I know now, I won’t play the lottery any other way. Even though I’m the type of person to only buy a few scratch tickets a month, just doing the investigation gave me some ideas on how to change how I play.

What Do I Get When I Buy This Course?

As mentioned above, Lottery Secrets is a combination of all the information Richard has released on winning lottery prizes. You’ll get all the programs, videos, and software that he has developed to help him streamline playing the lottery.

To summarize why the Auto Lotto Processor section is so valuable is because it pulls data from real winners. You can set up the software to analyze your location and really dive into the odds of winning specific games.

The Processor is capable of analyzing thousands of sites and has a memory that goes back over a decade.

Having a decade of lottery data to analyze is just amazing. Can you believe that this information is actually available? But the Government knows most people won’t seek it out for themselves.

Which brings me to another point about the mindset you learn in Richard’s Lottery Secrets. Richard dedicates multiple chapters to developing the right mindset that’s going to allow you to be successful at playing the lottery.

Although the mathematical formulas are pretty foolproof, it takes a focused, dispassionate mind to execute the process successfully.

Richard takes a look at concepts such as greed, envy and what to do with your money when you start winning. This is one aspect that really surprised me about Richard during my investigation.

Because he takes time to focus on the intangibles of playing a game of chance, not just the money, I knew he had a serious mind.


  • You’ll learn how to set a budget
  • You’ll have access to a bunch of tools that make playing the lottery simple
  • You can learn how to develop a winning mindset for games of chance
  • You’ll have access to the software for life


  • Hours and hours and hours of material to comb through
  • You’ll need to take notes
  • You’ll need to fall back in love with math
  • You need to be not afraid to fail

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From Richard’s Lottery Secrets?

As can be seen from the pros and cons list, you’re not going to download this program, walk into the store and become rich.

In fact, if you’re not willing to pour hours into studying the materials, playing the lotto on paper and practicing with the system, there’s really no point in buying this program.

After concluding my research, it’s clear to see you can easily win a minimum of $200 a month on a consistent basis when you apply the principles of this program.

If you’re a person who plays the lottery anyway, you’re wasting your money if you’re not following these principles.

That $200 figure is just just a low estimate on my part. Richard has plenty of testimonials of people who earn up to four figures a month consistently. But it’s clear you can’t get there overnight.

Are There Any Risks With This Program?

The only risk of using this program is misunderstanding the information.

If you spend all your savings on lottery tickets just because you have the program, you’re going to learn a hard lesson.

You need to take the time to learn the techniques that have a real impact on your odds.

It’s easy to get a little too excited and spend too much your first few times, so it’s important to take a good look at the budgeting section.

I have to say, Richard did a great job of describing the attitude of someone who uses the lottery to enhance their life, not rely on it.

Wrapping Up

In conclusion, my investigation revealed a pragmatic approach to playing the lottery.

Also, Richard Lustig is a very transparent author, and you can quickly google him yourself.

Richard’s Lottery Secrets gives you a bundle of 4 different courses that cover every type of game.

You’ll learn EVERYTHING from picking numbers, calculating odds and how to play strategically.

Your purchase also gives you the Auto Lotto Processor, which is all the information in the courses condensed into a software.

Furthermore, With all these tools, consistent winnings are an achievable reality for anyone willing to work with the system.

Don’t Forget!!

There are plenty of imitation programs out there, so be careful and buy Richard’s Lottery Secrets program only from an official website – click here.

I also highly recommend you research Richard Lustig for yourself.

You’ll see all types of negative reviews, but look at what they’re saying.

It’s impossible for them to be specific about their criticism because they didn’t try or apply the program.

Not to mention certain large corporations such as the Government and the Lotto Commission themselves have a vested interest in people continuing to play the lotto using blind luck.

You can choose which path you want to walk. That’s the great thing about Richard’s program – the 60-day money back guarantee truly makes the decision yours.

Will you continue to follow what everyone else does or take a calculated chance?

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