Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol Review

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Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol


Author: David Mckenna

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Hair loss is an incredible industry. Many people face the same issues when it comes to hair loss and strongly desire to regain their hair. Unfortunately, the hair loss industry is full of companies who have no problem preying on people’s desires. This leads to a rise in misinformation and gimmicks that are passed off as remedies.

Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol

This is why you need to read this Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol before delving any further into the hair loss industry. It’s not uncommon for people to spend 10s of thousands of dollars in frivolous attempts to regain their hair. It’s easy to be misled by large companies that have been around for decades and are masters in persuasion.

This review of the Regrow Hair Protocol will give you insights into the hair loss industry, and an inside view of the program. Here’s what you can expect to find in this article:


  • What Is The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol?
  • Who Created The Regrow Hair Protocol?
  • The Components Of The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol
  • What Can You Expect?
  • Positives & Negatives?
  • Risks Associated With The Treatment Methods?
  • What’s The Foundation That Validates This Program?
  • Will This Program Work For You?
  • Warning!

What Is The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol?

The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol is the definitive answer to all the popular treatments on the market. This program takes the time to educate you on different hair loss treatments and show you why they don’t work.

Instead of preying on your desire to regrow your hair, this program takes an ethical and logic based approach. All the information is backed by studies from various Universities across the country. This program tackles secrets that the pharmaceutical industry doesn’t want you to know because they cut into their profits. You’ll learn how to apply these secrets, and all the information is backed by sources you can feel confident in.

Who Created The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol?

regrow hair protocol david mckenna authorThis program was created by David McKenna. Like most men in their late 30’,s/early 40’s David began to experience hair loss, which had a negative affect on his life. Waking up with handfuls of hair on his pillow every morning put David into a depressed state. His self-confidence dropped, and even his sexual relationship with his wife suffered.

David explains his full story in the program, which is pretty interesting. What you need to know about David is that he’s a regular guy who went the extra mile to find ways to get his hair back. Once he found a system that worked, he packed all the information into the Regrow Hair Protocol.

The Components Of The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol

The Red Dragon Regrow Protocol contains 3 PDF booklets.

The first booklet is the main Regrow Hair Protocol program. In this section, you learn about David McKenna’s story, the untold side of traditional hair loss treatments and what you can do about your hair loss.

The main program makes it incredibly easy for you to understand hair loss. The basic premise of the program is to restrain the production of the PGD2 enzyme in your body. David shows you how the PGD2 is linked to hair loss through various reputable studies as well as what you can do to eliminate it from your body.

The second booklet is the Hair Raising Recipes guide. This booklet makes it easy for you to reduce PGD2 from your body by showing you which foods to eat that block this enzyme. You get options for every single meal of the day and even dessert options. This is a comprehensive recipe book that ensures you don’t get bored of the foods you need to regrow your hair.

The third booklet is the Hairy Smoothies guide. Similar to the recipe guide, this booklet gives you recipes for different smoothies that facilitate hair growth. This is another way the Regrow Hair Protocol makes it easy for you to stay on the program. The smoothies are perfect for breakfast or after a workout, and they add variety to your diet.

What Can You Expect From The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol

In one word, “honesty” is what you can expect from this program.

The Regrow Hair Protocol goes through popular hair loss treatments such as Rogaine or hair transplant surgery and tells you all you need to know. You learn the convenient aspects of each treatment as well as the untold effects. For example, hair transplant surgery isn’t a one-time event. This treatment method requires a bunch of maintenance, which many people are caught off guard by. In their attempt to regain their hair, people shell out tons of money for the maintenance only to see mediocre results.

In addition to educating you about other hair loss treatments, you learn about the foundation this program is built on. The enzyme PGD2 is discussed at length, citing various sources to boost validity. You learn what scientists think about the link between PGD2 and hair loss as well as what you can do about it. The biggest thing you can expect from this program is a hair loss solution that doesn’t cost 10’s of thousands of dollars, and that’s backed by science.


  • This program does an excellent job of clearing many misconceptions about hair loss and how to address it
  • The protocol offers you natural solution for dealing with hair loss that doesn’t involve any chemicals, creams or pills
  • You learn how to take care of your hair and scalp which makes it easier for new hair to grow
  • You learn which foods to eat more of and which foods to avoid


  • You need to be disciplined and stick to the diet recommendations for a while to see results
  • There’s a ton of information in the program that will take a few reads to absorb

Risks Associated With The Treatment Methods

Thankfully, there are NO risks associated with the methods in this program! In a nutshell, all you’re doing is eating healthier foods. There are a few recipes for topical creams, but they are made from ingredients you probably have in your home right now. There are no powerful chemicals or anything harsh in this program. The biggest challenge you’ll face is not falling off the new healthy diet!

What’s The Foundation That Validates This Program?

There are a ton of studies that are referenced throughout the program. The references section is also full of different government and professional health authorities that back up the information in the regrow hair protocol program.

The main study this program is based on comes from the University of Pennsylvania & John Hopkins University. This study takes an in-depth look at the connection between high levels of PGD2 and hair loss. The scientists involved in this study even noticed hairless animals have higher levels of PGD2. This shows you the Regrow Hair Protocol works since the main goal is to lower the levels of this enzyme in your body.

Will This Program Work For You?

The real question is, can you change your eating habits for the better? Are you willing to apply the recipes you get in each of the 3 booklets on a daily basis? If yes, this program will work for you.

Remember, this is a natural remedy, which means it’s likely to take longer to see results. You need to stay disciplined for at least a few weeks to see some results. The Regrow Hair Protocol makes this easy on you by providing you with a huge variety of different recipes, so you aren’t bored with your food selection.

Final Words.

The Red Dragon Hair Regrowth Protocol has been facing tons of resistance from pharmaceutical companies since day 1 of its launch. Its recent popularity has also contributed to a bunch of fake programs being sold. You need to make sure you only buy this program from the official source. Click on the link below to be taken to the official source where you’ll get all the bonuses and refund policy associated with this program.

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