The Memory Repair Protocol Review

Hi, today we will review the Memory Repair Protocol by Martin Reilly.

memory repair protocol review

The Memory Repair Protocol Review


The Memory Repair Protocol shows you how to keep your brain healthy with diet and exercise. The brain is often one of the most neglected organs until its too late and conditions like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s start to set in.

Author: Martin Reilly

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

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What is the Memory Repair Protocol?

The Memory Repair Protocol helps you take a proactive approach to protecting your brain in the long run. This program also shows you how to use brain exercises to improve your memorization and concentration abilities.

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memory repair protocol reviews

Firstly, finding ways to keep our brains healthy is going to be the next medical challenge for humans to overcome. Just look at the NFL where 99% of former players were found to have CTE (Chronic traumatic encephalopathy) – the need for new ways to approach brain health is glaringly apparent.

This review will tell you about the author of the Memory Repair Protocol, who should use this program, what’s included in the program and finally the pros and cons.

About The Author

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After devastating MRI results, Martin Reilly knew he had to take drastic measures if he was going to save his wife’s 53 years of memories.

Also, Martin’s wife, Sandra, was suffering from advanced dementia. In the months before the above MRI results, Martin and his wife diligently followed their doctor’s orders. They bought every expensive medication and took them religiously despite the negative side effects.

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So, after receiving the MRI results, Martin realized how alone he and his wife really were. With nothing left to offer, all the doctor could do is prescribe stronger medication. Martin knew Sandra’s only chance was if he took matters into his own hands.

Martin began to research the brain and came across the search “Ballabgarh and dementia.” The amazing story of a village in northern India where they use natural remedies to keep the brain healthy inspired Martin to put together the Memory Repair Protocol. After seeing the effect of the Ballabgarh based remedies on his wife Sandra, Martin knew he had to share the information with the world.

Who’s This Program For?

The earlier you catch dementia, the easier it is to fight. The early onset phase of Alzheimers and Parkinsons can be combatted with the diet and exercise recommendations in the Memory Repair Protocol. If you have a loved one beginning to exhibits symptoms of a brain disorder, there’s no harm to introducing them to the natural remedies detailed in the Memory Repair Protocol. The research in this program is verified by studies conducted by Brown University, the University of Pittsburgh and many other professional institutes.

On the flip side, this program isn’t only for people suffering from brain conditions. If you’re interested in improving your brain power (memorization, concentration), this is an excellent program for you. By learning how the brain works and making a habit of the exercises, you can improve how your brain functions. By doing this exercises in your younger years (anything under 40), you’re investing in your mental health for your older years. College students and professionals can benefit from the exercises used to strengthen your brain.

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the memory repair protocol reviews martin reilly


  • Information is easy to read
  • Also, Memory Repair protocol makes it easy for you to verify the information yourself
  • There are many examples of the recommendations in the program working for other people
  • Lots of recipes help make implementing the diet recommendations easy


  • The program only works if you stay consistent with the exercises
  • There are hundreds of hours of information to go through 

What’s Included?

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The Memory Repair Protocol makes an effort to give you a lot of actionable information. The first part is a 155-page PDF about brain degeneration, the real causes of brain damage and what you can do to keep degeneration at bay. The main PDF includes a 21-day diet plan that helps you ingest foods proven to contribute to brain health. You also get a variety of recipes for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

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The Memory Repair Protocol also includes two free bonuses: Fact Retainer & Meditation Mind Power. Both of these bonus programs introduce you to different techniques you can use to keep your brain healthy and active. Instead of letting your brain stagnant as you age, using these exercises is an excellent way to keep neurons firing and your mental pathways fresh.

Advanced Memory Repair Protocol Program

Firstly, the Advanced Memory Repair Protocol is where the program really shines. Also, the Advanced section is full of tools that will help you keep your brain in shape. First is a 25-part audio series called Subliminal Rejuvenation. Furthermore, these audio tracks are excellent for relaxation right after your done with the brain exercises. This audio series is aimed at healing your brain and providing a meditative experience.

Tmemory repair protocol pdfhe Advanced Protocol also comes with the Great Brain Secret. Also, this PDF is dedicated to taking advantage of how your brain works to train it into staying healthy. You learn how to improve memory with brain games, how to use both sides of your brain and how to keep your memory sharp. The Great Brain Secret also comes with 25 worksheets that offer you a variety of useful brain exercises.

Finally, the Advanced Protocol closes with the Virtual Gastric Band Audio Course. This is a course based on hypnotism to help you lose weight and keep it off. Although this may sound a little “out there’ it’s been proven you can hypnotize yourself into adopting new behaviors. This audio series teaches you how to fall deep into your subconscious mind and make fundamental changes within yourself. The goal of the Virtual Gastric Band Audio Course is to help you get to the root of why you overeat and get you more disciplined with portion control. This 6-part audio series is sold on its own as a full program however you get it for free when you invest in the Advanced Memory Repair Protocol.


In addition to all of the above, purchasing the memory Repair Protocol grants you access to 5 additional bonus programs. However, you can only get these bonuses by buying the program from the official source. There are many fake versions of the Memory Repair Protocol on the market, so it’s important to verify you’re purchasing from the official source. Click on the button below to go to the official Memory Repair Protocol website.

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