Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox By Daniel Marshall – Detailed Review

Welcome to our Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox review.

The Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox

The Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox Review


The Li Kung 14 day liver Detox does an excellent job of balancing exercise advice with introducing you to mindset techniques as well as nutrition recommendations. Official Website –

What is the Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox Program?

Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox review daniel marshall

The Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox Program is a health program that shows you how to regain control over your health by starting with your liver. Daniel Marshall is the author of the Li kung 14-day Liver Detox. Dan was inspired to create the program after a life changing experience with a 91-year old man who was in better health than Dan was at the time!


If you haven’t heard of the Li Kung 14-day Liver Detox Program, please watch this free video presentation first.

Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox reviews

the Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox review daniel marshall

After suffering a heart attack, Dan was lucky enough to meet Li Kung who was working as an attendant at the hospital. Li Kung and Dan started to discuss health and the striking differences in the health of Americans and Asians who grew up in their own country before moving to the states. At the end of their conversation, Dan came to the conclusion that the differences in health are no coincidence. Dan decided to research this phenomenon, which led to the creation of the aptly named Li kung Fourteen day Liver Detox Program.

The Li Kung Detox takes an approach most health programs fail to identify. Instead of tackling how to get rock hard abs, the Li Kung Detox educates you on the importance of your liver. Your liver is involved in the majority of critical operations that happen in your body. Your liver contributes to regulating blood sugar and cholesterol levels in addition to making bile and filtering toxins. All of these are essential components of maintaining a healthy body and making it easy for your body to burn fat. Additionally, your liver is the only organ in your body that can repair itself. The Li kung 14 day Liver Detox system shows you how to regain control over your health starting with your liver.

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What Do You Get In This Program?

The Li Kung Detox introduces you to many resources that help you burn fat and maintain a healthy life well into old age. Unlike other health programs, the Li Kung Diet doesn’t hold back on information. Here’s what’s included in the Li Kung Detox:

Main Li kung 14 day Liver Detox Program

The main Li Kung Detox is a 124 page PDF document that introduces you to the basics of the program. You learn everything from why your liver is important to the foods you need to get in your body. The idea of the Li Kung Detox is to improve how your body functions by starting with your liver.

Unfortunately, when you lead a North American lifestyle, you’re prone to ingesting a ton of harmful chemicals and toxins on a daily basis. These toxins found in our food and water impede your liver’s ability to function and reduces your body’s overall ability to protect itself. The Li Kung Detox introduces you to natural remedies such as Gentian Root & Fructus Ligustri that enhance your liver function and your immune system.

Mind-Body Connection

The Li Kung Detox also takes the time to go over the importance of a healthy mind-body connection. Instead of leaving you to figure out the mental aspect of losing weight for yourself, the Li Kung Detox introduces you to mental techniques that help increase your self-awareness, discipline and mind body connection. The Li Kung Detox also looks at goal setting and how to tie in these techniques with making significant changes to better your health.


Another excellent part of the Li Kung Detox is you gain access to over 20 delicious smoothie recipes. These smoothies use ingredients that improve liver function and contribute to building your immune system. The smoothies help you get antioxidants such as glutathione in your body without sacrificing on taste. Instead of trying to sell you on fancy powders and pills, the Li Kung Detox gives you recipes that use natural ingredients to enhance your liver function.

Overall, the main Li Kung Detox program gives you the tools to set your body on a path to recovery. There’s a ton of information on antioxidants and chemicals that negatively affect your liver and easy tips on how to get good nutrients into your body. The Li Kung Detox makes the information easy for you to follow by including a section on mindset and goal setting that helps you stay motivated with your health goals. Unlike the majority of health programs, it’s clear the Li Kung program focused on giving you tools to succeed.

Fat Busting Supplements

When it comes to changing your body, losing fat is one of the most difficult tasks. It’s incredibly easy to get depressed and discouraged after weeks of working out and seeing little to no results. It’s also easy to get overwhelmed by all the supplements, powders and vitamins people constantly recommend to you. The Fat Busting Supplements guide gives you a simple introduction to supplements that make your diet and exercise efforts more efficient.

The Fat Busting Supplements program introduces you to supplements that speed up weight loss and help your body with recovery. When used correctly, supplements help push you harder during your workouts, and they also make it easy for your body to burn fat and physically change.

All of the supplements in this program are 100% natural and backed by medical journals or scientific studies. Fat Busting Supplements shows you how to use natural remedies such as Green Tea, Caffeine, and Glucomannan to help you achieve your weight loss goals. Combining these supplements with the advice from the main program gives you an excellent boost in achieving your weight loss goals.

The Fat Busting Supplements program is another example of how the Li Kung 14-day liver Detox doesn’t leave you on your own to figure everything out. These supplements are 100% safe for anyone to use and they’ll help make your diet and exercise efforts worth it.

Energy Boosting Formula

Everyone wants more energy, but no one is really sure how to get it. Short of resorting to caffeine and other stimulants, it’s actually pretty hard to get more energy in your life. You need energy for basic tasks like thinking and brushing your teeth. As humans, we get our energy from food, so if you eat a poor diet, you’ll have insufficient energy levels. The Energy Boosting Formula introduces you to 18 different natural remedies that will help create more energy in your life.

The Energy Boosting Formula looks at remedies that have been scientifically recognized for their fatigue-reducing capabilities. The remedies are also selected based on effectiveness and lack of adverse side effects such as jitteriness. The remedies in the Energy Boosting Formula come in herb, tea, powder or capsule format. You can easily find most of these remedies at your local health food store.

Many ancient Chinese and Indian remedies are well documented for their effectiveness when it comes to increasing energy. Unfortunately, herbs such as He Shou Wu and Reishi Mushrooms are rarely talked about or even acknowledged by the majority of health programs. The Energy Boosting Formula introduces you to these remedies and informs you of things like dosage and what to expect from the results. As you set new goals and use the Li Kung Detox principles to move your life forward, these remedies will come in handy for giving you an extra boost to dominate your days.

Surprise Bonus – 9 Delicious European Meals

The Li Kung Detox gives you access to the 9 Delicious European Meals eBook simply in exchange for your email address. This is an excellent recipe book that helps you enjoy variation in your diet while still sticking to foods that allow you to benefit from the French Paradox. The French Paradox is a phenomenon where despite diets high in fats and rich foods, the French are able to maintain trim physiques and high levels of overall health that lasts into their later years.

Even the Inuit people are able to benefit from the French Paradox by leading diets high in fat and animal products. Instead of saturated and trans fats from chips and fast food, the Inuit & French enjoy high-quality fats from animal protein, olive oil and other healthy sources of fat. The 9 Delicious European Meals eBook introduces you to simple recipes that allow you to take advantage of the French Paradox.

This eBook does more than introducing you to 9 different recipes. You get detailed explanations of why certain herbs and foods are so healthy and the effect they have on your body. By learning about the standout ingredients, you can use them when preparing your own meals. The 9 Delicious European Meals does an excellent job of showing you what healthy European meals look like which makes it easy for you to replicate them at home.

Liver Detox Advanced Program

The Liver Detox Advanced Program makes it even easier for you to reap the benefits of following the Li Kung Detox. The Advanced program is crucial for anyone who wants to succeed with the Li Kung program. Here’s what you get in the Advanced Program:

Liver Detox Cookbook

Using the principles of liver friendly foods discussed in the Li Kung Detox, the Liver Detox Cookbook is an excellent resource that helps make changing your diet a simple task. Most diet programs fall short because they force people to eat disgusting, bland and boring food. The Liver Detox Cookbook introduces you to delectable recipes that could easily be served in restaurants. The recipes included are fun, vibrant and give you an excellent variety. Between this cookbook and the over 20 smoothie recipes you get in the main program, you don’t have to worry about a dull diet with this program.

The Liver Detox Cookbook includes solutions for Breakfast, Lunch, and Dinner. This cookbook does an excellent job of making the cooking instructions easy to follow and understand. There are no complex cooking techniques needed to follow the recipes in this cookbook. This is an excellent resource only available in the Advanced section.

Personal Chef Collection Video Series

The Personal Chef Video Series is excellent for people who have any trepidations about cooking. These videos guide you on making the recipes in the program and show you how simple they are. The video series adds a visual element to the program and makes it easy to get excited about trying out new recipes.

The videos are short, high quality and easy to follow. All the cooking steps are put into a visual format for you which reduces confusion and makes the recipes easy to execute. The Personal Chef Video Series is an excellent source of support to help you make delicious food and stick to the diet principles discussed in the Li Kung Detox.

What Do People Have To Say About This Program?

The thing I appreciated the most about this program is there are no gimmicks pushed upon you. The Li Kung Detox takes a very logical and practical approach to helping you lose weight. I found there was a lot of resources to help keep me accountable and enough recipes to where I didn’t feel like I was on a strict diet. This program offers a very enjoyable solution to weight loss. – Mark N.

The personal chef video collection really sets this program apart from other health programs. Seeing the food being made helped me get motivated to do it myself. If I’m honest, I never follow the recipes in other diet programs because they seem too intimidating. The Li Kung Diet makes it easy to follow the information. – Jen U.

I was so relieved after I went through the entire program and saw no powders, pills or supplements being advertised. If you’ve ever bought weight loss programs before, you know they can end up being one giant advertisement for supplements. The Li Kung Detox does a great job of showing you natural herbs you can use to help you lose weight. I found the program was high in quality and the information was easy to follow. Highly recommend you give this a try. – Wayne S.

Avoid Scams!

The Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox is becoming remarkably popular. Make sure you protect yourself by only purchasing the program from the official source. Buying from the official source ensures you get all the bonuses as well as the opportunity to upgrade to the Advanced Liver Detox. Click on the box below to be taken to the official Li Kung 14-day Liver Detox website!

The Li Kung 14 day Liver Detox program

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