Herpes Blitz Protocol Review

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herpes blitz protocol review

Herpes Blitz Protocol Review


Herpes Blitz Protocol is the discrete solution you’ve been hunting for. This is a 100% natural approach to controlling the herpes disease. This is a discrete, permanent solution that won’t show up on your credit card statement.

When you get the diagnosis, giving up seems like a good idea. You don’t know whether to feel embarrassed, afraid or angry with yourself.

Suffering from unsightly cold sores and painful blisters is enough to drive even the strongest people to their limits. With this condition, it’s far too easy to fall into despair thinking that you’ll be alone the rest of your life. If you’re not careful, these thoughts can destroy your life.

Herpes can hide from your immune system for years. You could have it and not even show any symptoms. This is a dangerous virus that is easily passed to your significant other or even your children.

Everyone remembers the day of his or her diagnosis. It’s not an easy thing to get over. Under these circumstances, depression is normal. However, if you’ve made it here, you’ve endured long enough.This Herpes Blitz Protocol Review will look at the person behind the program, what’s included and if you can trust this program.

Who Is Behind The Herpes Blitz Protocol?

Special Ops Combat Medic Josh Parker is far too familiar with herpes. Josh unknowingly passed herpes on to his girlfriend. The herpes diagnosis threw Josh’s girlfriend into a depression. It took all the strength Josh, and his girlfriend had for them to work their way back from a failed suicide attempt.

Josh unlocked the secret to combating herpes when he shipped out to a mission in Tifnit, Morocco. The army was hosting a training exercise with over 2000 male and female soldiers. As you can imagine, the heat and intensity of the training led to some “extracurricular activity.”

Although Josh didn’t participate in any of the fun, a herpes outbreak was soon rampant throughout the camp. Oddly enough the epidemic was only affecting the American and Canadian troops. The only difference Josh could notice is that the Moroccan’s ate their food away from the Americans.

Josh knew the secret hide to be in the food somewhere. As he began to research the herpes virus, he began to notice a few familiar compounds. Resveratrol, curcumin, and quercetin are all natural nutrients that inhibit LSD-1 activity. LSD-1 is the protein that allows herpes to thrive in your body.

At the present time, there are no complex pills, special formulas or expensive prescriptions that will fully cure herpes. In other words, you need an approach that starts healing your body from the inside out. The Herpes Blitz Protocol shows you how to inhibit the herpes virus from living in your body.

What’s Included In The Herpes Blitz Protocol?

First, one of the best aspects of the Herpes Blitz Protocol is the staggering amount of information you get. Josh Parker makes sure to take the time to explain the idea of the program. You’ll learn exactly what’s going on in your body and how the proposed remedies will help.

The main PDF is 136-pages of actionable advice. This PDF covers everything from what herpes is, how to live with herpes and how to treat the condition. At the same time, you’ll learn about the 2 phases of the Herpes Blitz protocol. Both phases will search out and destroys herpes cells in your body.


Josh Parker has gone the extra mile to ensure this program increases the quality of your life. The Maximum Strength section of the protocol introduces you to even more tools to keep herpes under control. The first component is the Herpes Blitz Maximum Strength Cookbook. This book includes 30 potent recipes that are easy to make. Each recipe uses the special nutrients that keep herpes under control.

In addition, component 2 of the Maximum Strength section is the Personal Chef Collection. In this section, you’ll have a professional chef walk you through making all 30 of the recipes in the cookbook. You can view these HD videos at any time on your computer, cell phone or tablet. If you can’t cook, don’t worry. In this case, using these videos saves you hours of trial and error and ensures the meals taste amazing every time.

Furthermore, the third component of the Maximum Strength section is the ultra-convenient shopping list. These grocery lists will help you fill your home with food for both the 7-day & 21-day protocol. Using these lists will save you heaps of time in the grocery store. If you order your groceries online, you can simply input this list for a no-hassle way to keep herpes under control. After all, this program is made to make your life easier.

Wait… There’s More?

As we mentioned before, Josh Parker is committed to giving you all the tools to keep herpes under control. Herpes is a virus that your body needs help fighting. By the same token, leading a healthy lifestyle is absolutely necessary to keeping herpes under control.

The first bonus item you get is the Herpes Protection Protocol. As mentioned before, herpes is a tricky and resilient disease. In the event that you experience a flare-up, it’s important to know how to react. The Herpes Protection protocol gives you all the tools you need to fight herpes if you notice your symptoms reappearing. This is a great bonus that helps you maintain a consistent level of health.

Furthermore, you get a second bonus: The Natural Healing Library. This is an extensive resource of over 30 quality books all designed to improve your health. The Natural Healing Library introduces you to Tai Chi, binaural beats, and meditation. If you can apply these bonuses to your life, you’ll find it’s easier to stay healthy and keep herpes under control.

The final bonus is a collection of 12 health guides written by experts. The Better Health Bumper Pack helps you take full control of your health. You’ll learn how to keep diabetes under control, boost your testosterone and how to flush toxins from your system. Together with all of the other bonuses, you can easily lead a healthier lifestyle, which ensures your herpes doesn’t flare-up.

How Do I Know This Is Going To Work?

The Herpes Blitz Protocol is based on a firm foundation of research. The logic behind the protocol is using resveratrol, curcumin, quercetin and other natural remedies to control how your body attempts to fight the herpes virus. The only effective way to keep herpes under control is from the inside out.

Josh Parker knows what it feels like to suffer from herpes. He’s made it easy for you to verify the information in the program by including sources at the bottom of each page. You’ll notice from the age of the studies that the information in this program isn’t new. The Herpes Blitz Protocol takes advantage of what nature has to offer.

Given these points, you can trust the approach in this protocol because it’s designed to help your body work better. If you were to follow the advice in the protocol without having herpes, you’d still come out a healthier person with more energy. To clarify, the Herpes Blitz Protocol gives you all the tools you need to fight herpes and lead a healthy life. You even learn what specific amino acids to avoid that can trigger a flare-up.

The Herpes Blitz Protocol is a detailed protocol that offers you a discrete, permanent solution to the harsh realities of herpes. With this in mind, you can feel confident giving this protocol a try.

Be Warned

The oddest thing Josh Parker noticed in his research is how effective yet accessible the ingredients to fight herpes are. You can spend years searching; you won’t see any of these remedies in the store.

The simple fact is big pharmaceutical companies are afraid of programs like the Herpes Blitz Protocol. No one can patent or charge exorbitant prices for the natural remedies discussed in the Herpes Blitz Protocol. This program is under constant scrutiny from people who want to diminish it using fake news.

Make sure you protect yourself by purchasing this program from the official source. When you make your purchase from the official website, you gain access to the Maximum Strength section, over 30 free bonuses and your 60-day money back guarantee. Use the button below to go to the official website!


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