Hearing X3 Review

Welcome to the Natural Hearing Health’s Hearing X3 review.

hearing x3 review

Hearing X3 Review


Author: Dr. Ryan Shelton

Money Back Guarantee: 60 Days

Official Website: https://naturalhearinghealth.com

No matter how you slice it, hearing loss sucks. Asking people to repeat themselves is embarrassing. Struggling to hear makes it look like you don’t understand. Hearing aids are clunky and they aren’t very effective in loud environments. Struggling to hear puts you at a disadvantage in many different situations.

Dealing with hearing loss at the professional level is overwhelmingly stressful. Even if you’re confident in your performance, hearing loss can give you anxiety when its time to work in a group. Communication is an essential tool to help you make advancements in your career.

It’s Time To Take Action.

Unfortunately, there’s no cure for hearing loss. However, our ears are an organ just like any other part of our body. Just like how running is good for your heart and water is good for your kidneys, there are natural remedies you can use to heal your ears.

This Hearing x3 review takes a look at the people behind the program. We also look at if you can trust the methods of HearingX3 and what makes this remedy work so well.

Who’s Behind This Program?

hearing x3 dr ryan shelton review

Zenith Labs is the manufacturer and creator of the Hearing x3 remedy. Zenith Labs has been producing medicine since the early 90s. Their main goal is to research and invent health solutions using natural ingredients. Part of Zenith Lab’s mission is to only work with compounds backed by clinical studies.

Dr. Ryan Shelton is the head researcher at Zenith Labs. As a physician, he has dedicated his career to advancing the field of alternative medicine. Instead of forcing harsh, synthetic remedies on his patients, Dr. Shelton has made it his mission to develop powerful natural remedies.

What Does Hearing x3 Do?

HearingX3 is the result of Dr. Shelton’s research on hearing loss. Simply put, your body uses nutrients to repair damage to your ears. Our ears suffer damage every day from loud noises. Anything above the noise level of a hair dryer can cause damage.

The older we get, the tougher it is for our bodies to repair our ears naturally. When you think about your organs, you usually think about your liver, kidneys or brain. However, as you know, our ears (cochlea) are one of the most critical organs.

Nevertheless, anytime something is wrong with our hearing we always act like there’s nothing we can do. One of the main goals of the Hearing x3 solution is to give you the confidence to repair damage to your ears.

Can I Trust These Methods To Restore My Hearing?

Traditional hearing remedies fail to address the root of your problems. Even a hearing aid doesn’t address what’s causing you to lose your hearing. If you want lasting results, you need to address the health of your ears.

Hearing x3 opens blood vessels and capillaries inside of your inner ear. Opening these vessels nourishes your inner ear while flushing out the toxins. These toxins build up with age and make it difficult for blood to flow smoothly.

You can trust this method of restoring your hearing because it isn’t a quick fix. You need to give your system time to absorb the ingredients and use them to heal your body.

However, the benefit of this approach is that you’ll see lasting results. Best of all, you don’t have to worry about nasty side effects that may be worse than your hearing loss.


  • 100% natural ingredients (GMO-free)
  • Reduces levels of inflammation in your entire body
  • Incredibly affordable 90-day supply price
  • Increases circulation inside of your ears
  • Made in the USA


  • It takes a few weeks to get in your system
  • Requires consistency

What Makes Hearing X3 Work So Well?

Hearing x3 is so effective because it’s founded on a strong base of research. This is a remedy that goes right to the cause by keeping damage in your ears under control. Hearing x3 is able to help your body heal the cochlea by using circulation to flush out toxins.

hearing x3 natural hearing health zenith labs review

Hearing X3 is loaded with powerful ingredients like Gotu Kola. Gotu Kola is a potent antioxidant, proven in many studies to increase your circulation. By itself, Gotu Kola improves microcirculation, which stimulates healing in your cochlea. When used in combination with other remedies, it’s easier for you to repair damage to your cochlea.

Another reason Hearing x3 works so well is that it’s loaded with Resveratrol. Resveratrol is a fantastic chemical that improves your cardiovascular health. This is a natural remedy that also shields your ears from inflammation. Like Gotu Kola, many studies show Resveratrol to improve hearing when used by itself.

Your Body Needs Help Absorbing These Remedies

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The problem with Gotu Kola, Resveratrol and other natural remedies for your cochlea is getting enough in your body. You can find resveratrol in red wine; however, you’ll have trouble drinking enough to notice any benefits. Hearing x3 is a simple way to get a concentrated dose of natural healing compounds. Quality control is a huge reason why you can trust Hearing x3.

Each ingredient is individually sourced to achieve the highest quality possible. Zenith Labs even adds special enzymes to each batch that help your body absorb all the nutrients.

Each batch of Hearing x3 is subjected to an FTIR spectroscopy. The spectroscopy ensures each batch is 100% free of pesticides and preservatives. Most companies call this kind of attention to detail “crazy”. The bottom line is most health companies aren’t willing to put this type of effort into protecting their customers.


Hearing X3 is under significant pressure from large pharmaceutical companies. No one can patent any of the ingredients in Hearing x3 since you could grow them in your backyard if you wanted to. This lack of control frightens the pharmaceutical giants. Being unable to patent the ingredients severely impacts their bottom line. You can see the fear of these company’s by analyzing all the fake news around the Hearing x3 remedy.

Do yourself a favor and make sure you only purchase from the official source. Buying Hearing x3 from the official website ensures you get your 60-day money back guarantee. Don’t hesitate to take action today before your hearing gets worse. Click on the box below to go to the official Natural Hearing Health Website.

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