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hair revital x review

Hair Revital X


Hair Revital X is a Healthy Hair Remedy created by Zenith Labs. If you want to learn more about it, keep reading..

Balding is uncomfortable. It’s disheartening. It eats away at your confidence.

Your face feels exposed as you begin to lose your hair. The hat technique only works until you’re in a situation where having a hat isn’t appropriate. The lock of shock and horror from a woman or your business associates is something no man, no matter how bald, should have to experience.

I want you to think about how society addresses baldness. Surely such a common problem must receive a lot of attention. There must be labs all over the country trying to figure out the cure for baldness.

Sadly, this isn’t the case.

Just look at the advertising you see on TV for baldness.

Whether it’s a tired old Hair Club commercial or some random cream from Japan, you’ve seen it all. You’ve also heard of all the horror stories of men losing even more hair or burning their scalp with harsh chemicals.

Hair ReVital X takes a new approach to address baldness. This review will look at the story behind Hair ReVital X, how you can tell this program works and what makes Hair ReVital X stand out.


Who Is Hair Revital X For?

There’s no foul-smelling cream to apply to your head. You don’t have to let anything sit for 6-8 hours. Your bathroom won’t be a mess each time you use the solution.

Is it just me, or is finding a celebrity who has gone bald difficult? With so many young men suffering from early baldness, how is it that not even one boy band member is showing signs of his hair thinning out?

This isn’t an accident.

In 2002, a man named Nelson Prager organized a baldness study with 26 different men. He gave half the men sugar pills, and the other half received the primary ingredient in Hair ReVital X.

Obviously, the sugar pill group showed no improvement. However, the group with the natural supplement showed a 600% increase in hair growth. These men noticed thicker hair, shrinking bald spots and their confidence returning.

However, this seemingly successful study backfired. As soon as big pharma caught a whiff off this success, they did everything in their power to destroy the “cure.”

Hair loss is a 3 billion dollar industry. The Pharmaceutical giants weren’t about to let a natural resource eat away at their profits.

What Makes Hair ReVital X Work?

Going back to the celebrities, all of them are on DHT-inhibitor cycles. Whether they will admit it or not.

High levels of DHT are proven to cause your hair follicles to stop growing. Every balding celebrity from Hugh Laurie, John Travolta, and Jude Law is familiar with DHT. Even Justin Bieber hopped on the DHT train when his hair started to thin.

In a nutshell, Hair ReVital X is a natural way to lower DHT levels in your body. Hair ReVital X does this by using an extract of the Saw Palmetto plant. This plant is one of the most potent, natural DHT-inhibitors in the world.

Going back to the baldness study, as soon as the pharmaceutical companies found out the key ingredient was the Saw Palmetto plant, they started on a warpath.

Their rampage began innocently enough.

First, they began experiments on the plant. They verified it worked in their own labs with their own scientists. Also, they found combinations with other natural ingredients that made the Saw Palmetto plant even more effective against baldness. They took all the steps to validate Saw Palmetto as a viable cure for baldness.

As soon as they saw all the positive results from the experiments, they freaked out.

You see, pharmaceutical companies can’t patent a natural resource. Even if they make the best bald cure using Sal Palmetto, the market will still be saturated with other companies who have access to the same plant.

Their greed inspired them to do whatever it takes to limit the supply of the Saw Palmetto plant. As it stands today, pharmaceutical companies offer a bounty so high for the plant that they’re creating an artificial shortage.

How Does Hair ReVital X Work Despite The Shortage?

Thankfully, Zenith Labs was able to build relationships with farmers who grow the Saw Palmetto plant. These farmers are against the gangster behaviour of the big pharma companies. Zenith Labs and the farmers together are slowly restoring the population of Sal Palmetto plants.

Hair ReVital X is so effective because it doesn’t only rely on the DHT-inhibitors from the plant. Hair ReVital X also comes with three powerful ingredient blends that help grow your hair.

Anti-Genetics Blend – This is the best blend for combatting genetic hair loss. This blend includes ingredients such as pygeum bark extract, nettle leaf extract, and L-methionine. This blend does an excellent job of stimulating your DHT levels to promote natural hair growth.

Regrowth Extender Blend – This blend is designed to accelerate hair growth. The second blend works by shortening the amount of time your hair follicles spend shedding. The blend also extends the amount of time your hair spends in the growth stage. The Regrowth Extender blend is found to help hair grow 184% denser.

Healthy Hair Blend – This blend is excellent for maintaining a healthy head of hair. The amino acids and vitamins extend cell life to keep your hair hydrated and healthy. This blend also takes advantage of biotin and folic acid to make your hair stronger and prevent greying.

Now, these three blends are just the tip of the iceberg. At just $39/bottle for a 90-day supply, you also gain access to 4 custom topical blends:

Anti-Genetics Topical Blend – This is a three-ingredient blend with one purpose: to seek and destroy DHT in your body. This blend uses Saw Palmetto, Rosemary and Carthamus Thistle extract to eliminate DHT. Because this is a topical spray, you can apply directly to bald spots.

Regrowth Extender Topical Blend – This blend uses Apigenin and Centalla to trigger activity in your hair cells. This topical blend directly increases the gene signatures in your DNA associated with hair growth.

Healthy Hair Topical Blend – This topical blend is designed to keep your hair healthy and prevent grey hairs. The ingredients in this blend extend the lifetime of your hair cells.

Deep Absorption Topical Blend – The final topical blend ensures your scalp is absorbing all the nutrients. This blend uses a base of Butylene Glycol which is an industry leader as an absorption agent. It also uses Lecithin and Capsaicin to help with absorption. In addition, Capsaicin also creates a relaxing, warm sensation on your scalp.

Why Does It Stand Out?

As you can tell, it wasn’t an easy process to put this program together. Zenith Labs had a lot to overcome simply battling big pharma to access the key ingredients.

Zenith Lab’s attention to detail and use of natural ingredients allowed them to create a practical solution for baldness.

This program stands out because of the immense value you get. At just $39 per bottle, you owe it to yourself to at least try a 90-day supply. You can review the labels before you buy. Also, you can be sure you’re not getting any ingredients that are going to burn up your scalp or waste your time. Most importantly, you can be certain this isn’t a baldness cure like any other.

Zenith Labs went out of their way to make this program affordable. Their lack of greed is a direct shot at big pharma’s inability to take less profit to help more people. The best value for Hair ReVital X is a 6-month supply at just $198 for 6 bottles. You also get access to a 180-day money back guarantee when you choose this option.

You have nothing to lose and a full head of hair to gain.

Make Sure!

As we mentioned before, big pharma will do anything to maintain control of the baldness cure market. If depriving the world of a plant is a level that they’ll sink to, imagine what they’ll do to an independent operation like Zenith Labs. As a result of big pharma’s greed, it’s essential to protect yourself and only buy Hair ReVital X from the official source. Click on the box below to go to the official website.

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