Fat Decimator Review

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fat decimator system review

Fat Decimator System Review


This article looks at the results of my investigation into Kyle Cooper and his Fat Decimator System. I’ll also cover how the program works, what’s included and what other people think about the Fat Decimator System. By the end of this review, you’ll know exactly what to expect from this program and if it’s worth all the hype that it’s getting.

Getting in shape isn’t like it was in your twenties. Gone are the days when you could spend a few weeks eating clean and working out and seeing results. The older you get, the more refined of an approach you need to take.

As someone who’s struggled with health problems of my own, the Fat Decimator System caught my eye. Everyone is talking about the Fat Decimator System, so I knew I had to learn more about it. In the last week, it’s been appearing everywhere on the Internet and offline. Like most programs on the Internet, I was instantly skeptical. My reaction was to launch an in-depth investigation into the System.

No matter who you are, it’s a fact of life that our bodies don’t respond the same way as we age. It’s difficult to lose weight if you don’t have a diet and exercise program tailored to your age and body type. Finding fitness programs that promise weight loss is easy. It’s rare to find ones that can back their promises up with real, scientific research.

First Things First: Who Is Kyle Copper

kyle cooper author fat decimator system

Kyle Cooper is the ex-marine behind the Fat Decimator system. During his time in the marines, Kyle achieved the rank of Gunnery Sergeant among numerous other accomplishments. One of Kyle’s responsibilities with the marines was to get the National Guardsmen in his area in shape. This seemingly simple duty was the beginning of the Fat Decimator System.

Most Internet fitness “gurus” make me nervous. Usually, the creators of fitness programs are only there to make money. However, my investigation showed this wasn’t the case at all with Kyle Cooper. Kyle’s whole outlook on fitness changed when he lost some men in an accident on the job. What made matters worse is they could have survived if they had been in better shape. Kyle was mortified; after all, it was his responsibility to get the National Guardsmen in shape for duty.

Is He Someone I Can Trust?

After the accident, Kyle crossed paths with a young medical student named Sam Pak. Sam introduced Kyle to firm scientific data that spoke to the best way to get older bodies in shape. Kyle was so impressed with the data he decided to try it on his recruits. The results were so impressive, Kyle started his boot camps and began organizing the system.

If you’re not familiar with Kyle, do yourself a favor and check out his feature in the LA times or his TED Talk. Kyle has many testimonials from not only the program but also his in-person boot camps that he runs in Missouri. So, Kyle made a dedication to fitness many years ago. His commitment culminated in the creation of the weight loss diet.

What’s In The Fat Decimator System?

Unlike most fitness programs, Kyle Cooper’s System addresses both the mental and physical sides of health. Kyle takes advantage of the fact that it takes the human brain around 21 days to form a new habit. The initial 3-weeks of the program is the most critical part. After 21 days of following the principles in the program, you’ll find it much easier to achieve your fitness goals.

In the Decimator diet, you’ll learn about why the human body decides to store fat and what you can do about it. You also learn how to activate your metabolism and counteract the effects of aging on your body. Peer-reviewed studies back all the recommendations in the program. After my investigation, I felt confident in the therapeutic validity of the program.

Is It Worth Buying?

Unfortunately for Kyle Cooper, his program works too well. It’s not an accident the majority of people haven’t heard of this System. As soon as the big pharma companies got wind of the Fat Decimator System, they started a fake news campaign to decimate the reputation of the Kyle’s diet program. Now when you search for it, all you see are fake news sites designed to discredit the information in the program. Big pharma’s ultimate goal is to limit the program’s exposure.

If you’re interested in trying the System for yourself, you need to be careful. The fake news about the Fat Decimator has spread all over social media and even some community forums. Make sure you only buy from the official source to keep your investment safe. Buying from the official source gets you a 60-day money back guarantee. You also get access to tons of bonuses in addition to 1-on-1 coaching opportunities. You’ll find the instructions for safely accessing the Fat Decimator Diet at the end of this fat decimator review.

Does The Approach Used In The Fat Decimator System Work?

During my investigation, I found the four fat rules to be the most impressive part of the program. The four rules are:

  • To burn fat and lose weight, you absolutely must create a calorie deficit over time
  • Before you can begin to burn body fat, you must mobilize your fat
  • You can control how much fat you mobile
  • You must keep catecholamines high and insulin low

The four fat rules will revolutionize how you think of weight loss. The Fat Decimator System includes tips and tricks to help you safely follow the four fat rules. Following a fitness program based on these four rules gives your body no choice but to react positively.

Rules 2 and 3 are incredibly crucial to your ability to lose weight. Mobilized fat cells are quick to leave your body. Fat cells are made up of multiple layers of different kinds of fat. If you can shed the triglycerides layer, weight loss becomes significantly easier. The majority of other mainstream exercise programs pay zero attention to mobilizing fat. This is a huge difference between the Kyle Cooper’s diet and mainstream programs.

Ok, So What Does My Purchase Get Me?

The Fat Decimator is a comprehensive system to help achieve your fitness goals. The main eBook introduces you to the concepts behind the Fat Decimator system. If you don’t enjoy reading, there’s also the audiobook version available. The Fat Decimator system also includes many bonus programs that help you lead a healthy life.

The best part of the program is the 1on1 coaching. Kyle Cooper knows how important a support system is during weight loss. Kyle chooses not to leave you hanging after your purchase like most fitness programs. Then entire Fat Decimator staff is available for 1on1 coaching sessions. You can use these coaching sessions to tweak your diet and find motivation for your journey.

The Fat Decimator System also includes the Acceleration section

The Acceleration section is designed to guide you through achieving your fitness goals. You can take advantage of priority email support, and daily personalized email advice. In this section, you can also choose what you eat with customized nutrition plans.

The Fat Decimator also gives you access to the private Facebook support group. To top it all off, you get weekly coaching sessions by phone. With all the coaching and tools included in the Fat Decimator System, there’s no way you can fail.

For those of you concerned about the food component of the program, you have nothing to worry about. The Fat Decimator System includes tons of delicious and easy to make recipes. You also get access to a smoothie cookbook, which empowers you to create quick, easy and healthy snacks. Another key addition is the many vegan and gluten-free options. The Fat Decimator has diet choices for everyone.


  • Easy to read & understand
  • The Fat Decimator System includes a well-rounded support system
    • (1on1 coaching, private Facebook group, weekly coaching, etc.)
  • The Fat Decimator System educates you about your body
  • The program doesn’t force blind recommendations on you
  • You can meet people in similar life situations in the Private Facebook Group


  • There’s lots of content to read and watch
  • You need to consistently apply the advice to see lasting results
  • You need to commit to changing how you eat

What Kind Of Results Can I Expect From The Fat Decimator?

The Fat Decimator System uses proven psychological and physiological techniques to stimulate weight loss. You’ll learn how to master new healthy habits in 21 days. The program doesn’t waste any time with trivial gimmicks.

If you’re overweight, you’re obviously going to have to put in more time to see the results. The key here is not to give up. Also the Fat Decimator System comes with a 60-day money back guarantee. That’s almost enough time for you to try the 3-week system three different times. Consistency and discipline will be what helps you see real results.

If you’re new to physical exercise, don’t be afraid to take breaks. During the 21-days, modify the advice so that it suits your lifestyle. Don’t be scared to truly own the program and make it yours. There’s nothing wrong with trying the 21-day system, taking a break and then trying it again. As long as you find a way to execute the advice in the program, you’ll see significant results.

What Risks Does This Program Bring?

Unlike a lot of fitness programs, the Fat Decimator doesn’t rely on questionable methods. The Fat Decimator System stands out for taking a balanced approached to losing weight. You can use this program to learn about your body and how to truly lead a healthy lifestyle. The further I dove into my investigation, the more confident I became in the source material of the Fat Decimator system.

Kyle Cooper cares about the people who use his information. So program guides you on safely cutting calories without sacrificing your energy levels. You also learn about mobilizing fat in your body. Mobilized fat is the key to the Fat Decimator and prevents you from getting discouraged. The Fat Decimator Systems covers all aspects of weight loss, which makes it a safe program to use.

What Are REAL People Who Used This Program Saying?

Whenever you’re considering a new fitness program, it’s essential to find out what real users are saying. Also check out these Fat Decimator testimonials from people around the globe:


The Fat Decimator System goes above and beyond by including many health-oriented bonuses. These bonuses are designed to help make your transition to a healthy lifestyle a bit easier. Usually, the bonuses are sold as their own product. Take advantage of this opportunity to get them for free with the Fat Decimator System!

This concludes my Fat Decimator Review

My investigation unveiled a pragmatic program that encourages healthy weight loss. I found a program with a caring author who is dedicated to helping people who choose to support his work. The Fat Decimator System is perfect for people approaching middle age. If you’re looking for a simple and effective health regiment, this program is for you.

All in all, this diet is an excellent investment. Even if you don’t take my word for it, Kyle Cooper has many happy clients willing to tell you about their experience. Also If you have any questions about my investigation, please let me now.

Don’t Forget: 

Not only the Fat Decimator exploding in popularity, but it’s also under attack from big pharma. It’s essential you take measures to protect yourself. Stay away from fake news websites designed to promote fake versions of the Fat Decimator. If you don’t buy from the official source, you won’t be able to access any of the bonus programs or 1on1 coaching sessions. You can access the official Fat Decimator website by clicking on the button below.

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