Auto Lotto Processor Pro Review

Detailed Auto Lotto Processor Pro Review:

auto lotto processor review

The Auto Lotto Processor Pro


You may have seen the creator of the Auto Lotto Processor Pro on shows such as Good Morning America, The Rachael Ray Show and Ripley’s Believe It or Not. Before 1983, Richard was a regular person just like any of us. His intense desire to figure out a system to win the lotto changed his life and has led him to be a repeat guest on nationally syndicated shows. The Auto Lotto Processor Pro introduces you to the system that changed Richard’s life.

What Is The Auto Lotto Processor Pro & Where Did It Come From?

Hi, today we will review the Auto Lotto Processor Pro by Richard Lustig. The Auto Lotto Processor Pro is a computer software that helps you pick winning lotto numbers. The software is the result of Richard’s personal system, but he didn’t do everything on his own. In order to create the Auto Lotto Processor, Richard had three computer science engineers, four advanced game theory experts, and five statisticians analyze his personal lotto winning system and transform it into a computer program. Putting Richard’s system into the form of a software took hundreds of hours of work and hundreds of thousands in development costs. The result is a software that can be accessed on any computer, tablet or smartphone that can help you change your life.

If you’re not familiar with Auto Lotto Processor Pro program, watch this quick video presentation.

auto lotto processor reviews

auto lotto processor review richard lustig

Who Is This Program For?

Financial issues are a harsh reality of the society we live in. Going through life day-by-day mired in debt and up to your neck in commitments is the most common way people diminish their quality of life. Debt is so rampant in our country it has now become an accepted norm. Even if you manage to somehow keep your debt low, the job market today isn’t exactly encouraging. Long hours and underpayment are just as common as debt. It’s easy to feel like there’s no end in sight for your dismal financial situation.

Richard Lustig was all too familiar with a debt-filled life prior to 1983. Because Richard is a math genius, he decided to dedicate himself to figuring out how the lotto works. At its core, the lottery is a game created by humans, and each game comes with certain odds for you to win. Using advanced mathematics, stats, and game theory; the lotto can easily be won on purpose.

So who is this program for? The Auto Lotto Processor Pro is for anyone who wants better in their life. If you’re tired of being afraid to look at your bank account you need this program. Of course, this program isn’t for people happy with their current financial situation. Anyone who can relate to a debt-filled life owes it to themselves to try this software.

What’s Included?

The Auto Lotto Processor Pro helps you calculate odds and numbers related to specific lottery games. Also, this software is filled with formulae for pretty much all big lotto games across the globe. Furthermore, the Auto Lotto Processor Pro is a web-based software where you can choose your country and the game you want to play.

auto lotto processor richard lustig reviews

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The Auto Lotto Processor also gives you access to 13 videos from Richard Lustig himself discussing how to win the lottery. Each video ranges from 4 to 9 minutes long and examines strategies for winning specific types of games. These videos are an excellent way to get into the mind of a repeat lottery winner.


  • Super easy to use and setup
  • Very informative
  • Accessible from anywhere


  • Requires consistency and discipline
  • Best case scenario you learn how to earn small winnings ( 4 figures) a few times a month

What Makes The Auto Lotto Processor Pro Stand Out?

One of the great things about this program is how easy it is to use. As mentioned earlier, you can access the Auto Lotto Processor from any device that can connect to the internet. The software loads quickly and won’t eat up your data if you decide to access it in public. Even if you’re bad with technology, this software is still easy to use.

Another great thing about the Auto Lotto Processor is that it is a very realistic program. Unlike other lottery programs, the Auto Lotto Processor doesn’t make promises it can’t keep. If you stay disciplined with this system, you’ll eventually find yourself winning decent amounts at least once a month. Don’t expect to hit the Powerball overnight. Although this software makes things significantly easier, you still need to spend time analyzing games and finding opportunities for you to win.

What Do People Have To Say About This Software?

I’ve been using the Auto Lotto Processor Pro for 10 months now, since my initial purchase, I’ve won four times and more than made my money back. I feel excited about the potential to increase my earnings as I become more efficient at using the software and analyzing games. Also, I’ve already been able to make a significant impact on the amount of debt I’m carrying, and I’ve been able to add to my savings. I love this program and would highly recommend it. – Josh T.

The Auto Lotto processor is one of the best investments I’ve made in my financial life. I enjoy how easy the software is to use and how it truly turns buying lottery tickets into a game. Before using this program, I thought the Lottery was just all luck. However, now I play the lottery just like any other game of chance like blackjack or poker. This program is definitely worth the money! – Kelly P.

Since this program has a 60-day money back guarantee, I figured I had nothing to lose. I was extremely skeptical of the program at first, but I have to say it works. However there is one caveat: if you are not consistent, you won’t win. Also, this software isn’t something you can just pick up one day and expect to start winning. The video series was extremely helpful in hellping me understand how to approach winning the lottery. This is an excellent and realistic program. – Jennifer M.


Be warned: there are many false versions of the Auto Lotto Processor Pro being marketed as the real thing. There are lots of unscrupulous companies trying to take advantage of the reputation associated with the Auto Lotto Processor by releasing their own fake programs. Buying from the official source is the only way to ensure your access to the all the extra videos where you gain insights from Richard Lustig himself on his winning process. Click on the button below to go to the official Auto Lotto Processor website!

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