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French Wine For A Flat Belly Review – Flat Belly Revolution ?

french wine for a flat belly reviews

What Is The French Wine For A Flat Belly Program?

Created by best selling author Thomas Newman, the French Wine For A Flat Belly Program is a guide designed at showing you how to maintain a healthy weight with out sacrificing delicious meals. The French Wine For A Flat Belly Program explores the French paradox and the low mortality rate in France despite people eating high-fat diets. The French Paradox directly undermines traditional advice from doctors as most French people can enjoy diets high in wine in red meat with little health problems. The Flat Belly Revolution shows you what nutrients the French are getting that allows for this phenomenon and gives you recipes to incorporate the nutrients in your diet.

If you haven’t heard of the French Wine For a Flat Belly Program, please watch this free video presentation first.

flat belly revolution

french wine for a flat belly review

What’s Included In The Program?

The French Wine For A Flat belly Program is one of the most dense weight loss guides on the market. There are hundreds of hours of content for you to enjoy in this program. Here’s an overview of what’s included with your purchase:

Main French Wine PDF

The main French Wine For A Flat Belly guide introduces you to the premise of the program. This guide helps you understand the effects polyphenols and resveratrol have on your body and what foods you should add to your diet. This guidebook also includes a quick start 30-day diet plan and different resources to help keep you motivated on your quest to lose weight. Following the tips and tricks in this book makes losing weight no problem.

Get Energized Supplement Book

flat belly revolution review

This guide helps you tap into natural sources of energy and give yourself a boost as you go throughout your day. For most people, energy is small in supply but high in demand. The Get Energized Supplement book introduces you to natural remedies that help you feel more energized without relying on synthetic chemical stimulants.

Pilates Power Guide

flat belly revolution reviews

Pilates Power is a guidebook that helps you take advantage of the benefits of Pilates. Pilates is one of the most underused forms of exercise. Pilates combines relaxation, total body movement, breathing and concentration into an exercise routine that stimulates you mentally and physically. This guidebook introduces you to the basics of Pilates and some tips to help you get started.

The Sex Drive Stimulator

french wine for a flat belly pdf

The Sex Drive Stimulator helps you overcome any problems you may be having in the bedroom. When making significant life changes in your diet and exercise habits, it’s common for your sexual performance to suffer. The Sex Drive Stimulator introduces you to readily available natural remedies that help rebuild your libido and your confidence in the bedroom.

Access To The VIP Wellness Network

french wine for a flat belly amazon

One of the most valuable features of the French Wine For A Flat Belly Program is your purchase gives you the chance to access the VIP Wellness Network. The VIP Wellness Network offers access to cutting edge health content from Dry Ryan Shelton M.D on a weekly basis. The VIP Wellness Network introduces you to clinically tested and natural remedies for health issues ranging from cold and flu to allergies. All you have to do to join the VIP Wellness Network is sign up with your email.

Advanced 10x Program

The Advanced 10x Program is an excellent source of tools to help you lose weight and stay healthy. You can only access the Advanced 10x Program after purchasing the French Wine Program. Here’s an overview of what’s included:

thomas newman french wine

Unit 1 The Personal Chef Collection

The Personal Chef Collection gives you access to 14 easy to prepare recipes designed by a trained nutritionist. Each meal incorporates the principles discussed in the main Flat Belly Revolution Program which allows you to benefit from the French Paradox. This is another resource that helps you enjoy a varied diet while still following the advice from the main French Wine program.

french wine for a flat belly food list

Unit 2 Stretching For Weight Loss

Stretching is one of the most beneficial physical activities, but unfortunately, it’s also one of the most ignored. Unit 2 introduces you to over 15 effective stretching routines that improve blood circulation and increase your body’s production of dopamine.

Unit 3 60 Second Fat Burners

Unit 3 introduces you to an intense and efficient way to melt fat. This guide includes 30 to 60-second workouts that are scientifically proven to burn fat better than traditional workouts. You’ll find studies from Laval University, Baylor College of Medicine and the University of Western Ontario in this guide.

Unit 4 Natural Healing Library

The final unit of the Advanced 10x program introduces you natural remedies for detoxing your body. Years of poor diet and low levels of excursive allow all types of toxins to build up in your body. Unit 4 introduces you to natural remedies such as Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and even Lucid Dreaming to help repair your body mentally and physically.

The Advanced 10x Program gives you access to a high-quality library of over 30 guides, videos, and images.

Pathway Healing Program

Your purchase of the French Wine For A Flat Belly Program also gives you access to the Pathway Healing Program. This is another collection of authenticated resources to help you lose weight and combat the effects of aging. If you buy the Pathway Healing Program alone, you’ll have to shell out over $400. With your purchase of the French Wine program, you get access for FREE! Here’s what you get with the Pathway Healing Program:

french wine for a flat belly free

Section 1 Anti Aging Coaching

The Anti Aging Coaching is an excellent curriculum that helps to keep you motivated with your weight loss and cosmetic goals. This section of the program gives you access to 2 levels of videos to help coach and encourage you on staying on the path to changing your life. The videos in this section are excellent for helping you succeed in any new trials in your life.

Section 2 The 5 Pillars Of Anti Aging

Section 2 of the Pathway Healing Program introduces you to several nutrition secrets that help your body operate at a higher level. The remedies in this section help you optimize your hormone levels, strengthen your skin, reduce inflammation and reduce your chance illnesses.

Section 3 The Anti Aging Cookbook

The Anti Aging Cookbook makes it easy for you to stick to the diet recommendations in the Pathway Healing Program. The Anti Aging Cookbook introduces you to a ton of different recipes using many of the same cooking methods as the ancient Greeks. This cookbook is organized by breakfast, lunch, dinner, and snacks, which helps to keep variety in your diet.

Section 4 Therapeutic Exercise

Exercise is an essential competent of losing weight and fighting the effects of aging. Section 4 introduces you to simple full body movement routines that help keep your body in the best shape possible with the least amount of effort. The Therapeutic Exercise program completes the Pathway Healing Program with activities that improve coordination, circulation and your range of motion.

Bonus Antiaging Library

The final component of the Pathway Healing program is the Anti-Aging Library. This section introduces you to even more information to fight the effects of aging. You get eight videos from personal trainer & Nutritionist Troy Adashun, two podcasts and five additional guides on subjects from yoga to alternative medicine.

The Fat Loss Mastermind

The Fat Loss Mastermind is another course that your purchase of French Wine For A Flat Belly gives you access to. The Fat Loss Mastermind is made up of 4 brand new products to help you burn fat, increase your confidence and stimulate your vitality. Here’s what you get:

thomas newman flat belly revolution

Course 1 Virtual Gastric Band Course

The Virtual Gastric Band Course introduces you to the power of hypnosis to conquer your weight loss problems. Although it may sound gimmicky, hypnotizing yourself is completely possible and something that many high-level athletes and business people do. The hardest part about losing weight for most people is keeping it off. The Virtual Gastric Band course introduces you to six 1-hour hypnosis sessions where you’ll learn to develop the discipline that will help you stay healthy. Most clinics charge over $3000 for Gastric Band Hypnosis sessions, but when you purchase the French Wine For A Flat Belly program, you get access to this program for next to nothing!

Course 2 Meditation Mastery

Even if we don’t want to admit it, stress, depression, anxiety and low self-esteem are all things that hold us back. The science behind meditation is well documented for its effect on repairing our mental and physical health. Meditation Mastery introduces you to techniques for eliminating triggers that are commonly associated with weight gain. In Meditation Mastery, you get access to 25 full-length Meditation tracks, three full-length guides, and access to an advanced 4-part audio series on meditation.

Course 3 Mind & Motivation Course

The third section of the Fat Loss Mastermind course is a comprehensive 6 part audio series to help refine your mindset. Mindset is an underrated component to successfully losing weight and finding success in your life. The Mind & Motivation Audio course introduces you to cutting-edge strategies that help you stay focused and disciplined when it comes to your goals. This is an exclusive program that you can only get with the Fat Loss Mastermind upgrade.

Course 4 The Art Of Self Confidence

The Art of Self Confidence is an eBook designed to help you make permanent changes in your life. This book tackles everything from relationships, happiness, and your career. The Art Of Self Confidence takes a unique look at people who have dealt with being obese and the effects it has on their confidence. The Art Of Self Confidence introduces you to tools and wisdom that help you flip the switch in your mind and give you the drive to strive for a better life.

If you buy each of the courses individually from the Fat Loss Mastermind, you will end up spending over $900. When you purchase the French Wine for A Flat Belly program, you get a massive 96% discount and get everything for only $39. The Fat Loss Mastermind programs is an excellent resource to help you make better use of the information you learn in the main French Wine For A Flat Belly Program. All the courses and bonuses are designed to help you make the physical and mental changes necessary to lead a healthy life.

french wine for a flat belly download


  • Lots of information
  • Good variety of images, videos, and text
  • Recommendations are backed with accredited sources
  • No gimmicks or quick fixes are pushed on you in the French Wine for A Flat Belly program


  • You need to put forth some effort executing the information in the program
  • There’s no quick fix, only information that will help strengthen your body on a daily basis

What Makes This Program Stand Out?

The addition to detail in the French Wine for A Flat Belly program is outstanding. The program does an excellent job of explaining why the French Paradox works and how you can take advantage of it. While reading the program, you won’t be confused or forced to stop to look up different words. The author did an excellent job of ensuring the concepts in the program are easy for anyone to understand.

Another thing about the French Wine for A Flat Belly Program that stands out is the amount of value you get access to just from buying the program. Simply buying the French Wine program gives you access to programs worth thousands on their own. When you’re trying to make massive life changes, you can never have too many resources and tools to help you along the way. Buying the French Wine program gives you access to professional level videos, images and guidebooks that will help you change your life.


All in all, the French Wine For A Flat Belly is an excellent program if you want to turn your life around. The program introduces you to basic nutrition principles that will help you lose fat. Unlike other health programs, you don’t have to worry about eating disgusting foods just to lose weight. The French Wine For A Flat Belly program shows you how to maintain your physique without sacrificing delicious food. This is one of the best weight loss programs on the market that doesn’t trick you into spending money on supplements or green drinks.


The French Wine for A Flat Belly program is so popular people are duplicating fraudulent versions. The only way to defend yourself against the fakes is to purchase the French Wine Program only from the official source. This is crucial to ensure you get all the meal plans, exercise videos and many bonuses included in the program. Buying from the official source is also the only way to get the massive discount for all the extra courses you gain access to after purchasing the French Wine Program. Click on the link below to go to the official French Wine For A Flat Belly website. review

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